7 Reasons To Buy A Suzuki S-Presso In 2024

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Whenever we look for the perfect car, we consider the factors that fit our lifestyle, needs, and wants; that is how it is. If you are an experienced driver, you know well what to look for and what you should get.

But if you are a beginner in driving, particular vehicle characteristics will fit you. And one of the best models that has what you need in beginning your driving journey is the  Suzuki S-Presso.

  1. Suzuki S-Presso is a Worthy Buy for Beginners 

It is the cheapest that you can find in the local market. That’s right; the 2022 Suzuki S-Presso is the most affordable ride available today, priced at N2,500,000  to N4,000,000, which is a good choice for beginners and young drivers. It is impractical to drag around an expensive vehicle if you’re learning the basics.

  1. The performance is unexpectedly decent

With its price tag, the S-Presso might make you think that it is not capable enough to perform well on the road. Well, if that’s the case, the S-Presso proves you wrong, as it has a decent output performance that will impress you if you tried it. Its 1.0-Liter naturally aspirated K10B engine makes it possible for you to cruise around the city smoothly. Its gasoline-powered engine can make up to 67 horsepower and 90 Nm of torque output, which is enough considering its size.

  1. The looks will not let you down

Are you already impressed that the 2022 S-Presso costs just a little more than five hundred thousand pesos considering that it performs decently on the road? The fact that its look is also a head-turner will impress you more. The design language is modern and stunning too. The exterior is a combination of cuteness and modernity, which is also perfect for young drivers.

  1. Good ground clearance

Unlike sedans and hatchback rivals in the same category, the Suzuki S-Presso has a good ground clearance that makes it easy for drivers to manoeuvre the car without too much worry. It is impressive that its ground clearance is higher than some crossover SUVs in the market. If you practise driving around the village, huge road humps will not be a problem.

  1. It comes with a manual gearbox

It might not sound favourable to others, but practising on a manual transmission will make you a versatile driver. If you can handle a manual transmission car, you can drive an automatic transmission easily. Plus, it is good to familiarise yourself with the gears and have full control of your driving.

  1. Trendy Design with Practicality Multiplied

The  Suzuki S-PRESSO is compact but the one thing it offers in spades is a personality. The bold design maximises functionality, both in and out, and practicality too. The design is not only intended to stand out with the imposing front but also offers great visibility all around. The compact proportions also make for an extremely tight turning radius at 4.5 metres along with the high ground clearance – just what you need on those city lanes. And just when you thought this is it, Maruti Suzuki also offers a ton of customisation options. Add daytime running lights, side cladding, new alloys and so much more. You can specify the S-PRESSO to your heart’s content. The mini SUV offers a boot space of 270 litres that will store a weekend’s worth of luggage and then some without a fuss.

  1. Peppy and Efficient Engine

The S-Presso is quick as you step on the pedal and a breeze to drive in the city. The light clutch and the peppy motor ensure keep your drive stress-free. It is also environmentally conscious with a BS6-compliant motor and efficient as well, returning 21.7 

on the automatic variant, while the manual version returns 21.4. Maximising efficiency, the S-Presso also comes with an S-CNG version right from the factory that offers 31.2 km/kg in terms of mileage.