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Carter Efe or Man Like Chico, Who Got The Best Pose, Same Location, Same Rolls Royce

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Everyone once in a while, you find pictures of different people taken in a similar location. But how often do you find a picture taken in the exact location, same car, and same pose? That’s what the picture of the young billionaire Man Like Chico and the celebrity Comedian Carter Efe is giving. 

Man Like Chico Vs. Carter Efe
Man Like Chico Vs. Carter Efe

Looking at these two pictures, you’ll wonder, did one imitate the other, or was it just a coincidence? Interestingly, these pictures with the car were not taken in Nigeria either. How often do things like this happen? 

In a picture shared on the 3rd of June 2022, the 36-year-old billionaire Chibuzor Madubuko, popularly known as Man Like Chico, posed in front of a scenic location in Dubai next to a Rolls Royce that’s worth over ₦100,000 million. Apparently, it was on his birthday.

In a different picture shared on the 20th of September 2022, Comedian Carter Efe posted a series of picture carousels at the exact location, pose, and same Rolls Royce car. To add it all, it was also his 21st birthday. 

Obviously, Man Like Chico did it first, and Carter Efe could have been following the footsteps of the billionaire. However, nothing is certain aside from the fact that both poses are done leaning towards a ₦100,000 million plus Rolls Royce in Dubai. 

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Of course, the main object of attention is these Rolls Royce cars; that’s only one of the cars in the collection of these celebrities. Yet, something else caught our attention; it’s the pose. Who amongst these two got the best pose next to the Rolls Royce? Man, Like Chico or Carter Efe? 

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