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Do These 7 STEPS To Avoid Being Scammed By ANY Mechanics

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Don’t let vehicle mechanics con you, whether it’s through an unfair price, subpar workmanship, or misdiagnosed problems.

It’s inevitable to fall victim to fraud. Each person experiences it. There is upselling and overpricing everywhere, from health care to vehicle maintenance.

But the less you know, the less likely it is that you will be dumped. Sadly, the majority of individuals have very little knowledge of and expertise with cars. It’s crucial to choose a reliable auto repair business as soon as you purchase a vehicle. This will allow your mechanic to learn more about you and your car. In the long term, it will help you save a ton of money and prevent breakdowns.

Making sure your car is always in prime running condition is crucial. Despite the fact that this routine maintenance may cost you some money, it will prevent your car from experiencing a catastrophic malfunction that could drain your bank account.

Untrustworthy mechanics can easily blackmail a car owner who lacks in-depth knowledge of or experience with automobiles. Some of these mechanics have financial goals in mind and are not primarily concerned with your car’s health. Some of them will keep you coming back for this reason.

Learn the fundamentals of automobiles

If you’re among those who can tell an air conditioner condenser from a radiator, this is for you. To prevent the mechanic from informing you that the wiper blade in the alternator has to be serviced, you should have a basic understanding of the majority of the components in your car.

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Use a diagnostic tool

Car scanning is expensive in Nigeria. For a car scan, some shops would charge you up to N5000 or even N10,000. You will have the advantage of knowing the true nature of your car’s issue if you scan it. It will spare you a lot of language and mechanical explanations. If you have the money, purchasing your own OBD scanner is not a bad idea. On the whole, you’ll like it.

Determine the main reason you want to have your car serviced

This is something you should ascertain if you lack a diagnostic instrument. You ought to be able to identify the issue using your understanding and the symptoms the mistake produced. Is the car making noise? It might be a plug issue. Is oil mixing with the coolant in the radiator? It suggests that your top or head gasket has been damaged.

You’re on the right track when you have a very clear understanding of why you need to have your car serviced.

Use recommendations and ask questions

There’s a phrase that goes, “Knowing the devil is better than knowing the angel.” Ask your friends, coworkers, and neighbours if they know of any excellent mechanics. These individuals are in a good position to share with you their mechanic-related experiences. They will let you know if they feel any of the mechanics have cheated them, so you will be prepared to deal with them.

The best way to find a reliable mechanic is through recommendations from friends, family, or coworkers.

Check the costs of the auto parts you plan to purchase

A poor mechanic will take any opportunity to drain you dry. One of the ways they may help you is by purchasing spare parts. When you know that an air filter costs N3000, you won’t be duped by a questionable mechanic’s N5000 price tag.

Request the old parts from the mechanic. Some mechanics charge for replacing parts without making any other changes. One way to be sure they don’t take your money for new components and fail to fix them in your automobile is to ask for the old ones. When you are present when your automobile is being fixed, this works wonderfully.

Ask for evidence

Do not be averse to speaking out. Because you frequently don’t comprehend what mechanics are even saying, they can get away with defrauding you of money. You give them the reins since you’re in a panic and don’t want your car to end up on its last legs. Ask them to provide evidence for the claims they are making. Unable to comprehend something? Ask them to elaborate. Do your own research rather than relying solely on what they say. Get a quote for the necessary repairs, and then consider getting a second opinion.

Keep accurate records

Keep track of all auto-related services and repairs, regardless of where you get your vehicle serviced. This is a wise move for a variety of reasons, including protecting your warranties and selling or trading your car in the future. Inform them in advance that you require those old components.


The likelihood of a technician taking advantage of you is quite low if you follow these suggestions. Although they can still play cleverly, it would be less aggressive.

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