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Does Burna boy Have Any Private Jet like Davido and Wizkid?

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Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu MFR, known professionally as Burna Boy, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer. Burna Boy Rose came to starlight after the release of his hit single “Like to Party” in 2012, which is the lead single in his first studio album in 2013 titled “L.I.F.E”. He has always made tremendous progress ever since. His current net worth is a whooping $10 million (₦3.8 billion).

The Nigerian music industry has remained one of the most vibrant and entertaining music industries replete with talented artists. These artists do a lot of hard work, hence it’s no surprise they are wealthy.

The net worth of most Nigerian musicians is often calculated in billions of naira. They truly do have the wealth to afford luxurious lifestyles. In recent times, beyond just having a garage full of exotic cars, Burna Boy charges ₦300m per show, with the provision of a 13-seater private jet, 8 cars, a Sprinter bus and a van to pick him up.

The question now is ‘Does Burna boy Have Any Private Jet‘ the moment, but before then let us check

How to Own a private jet

To own a private jet, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Determine your budget: Private jets come in a wide range of prices, from a few million dollars to tens of millions of dollars. Determine what you can afford to spend before starting your search.
  2. Decide on a type of aircraft: There are many types of private jets available, each with its own features, capabilities, and price tag. Consider your travel needs and budget when choosing an aircraft.
  3. Choose a vendor: Once you have decided on the type of aircraft you want, you can begin shopping for a vendor. Consider factors such as the vendor’s reputation, experience, and the quality of the aircraft they offer.
  4. Hire a professional: It is recommended that you hire a professional, such as a lawyer or an aviation consultant, to help you navigate the complex process of purchasing a private jet.
  5. Arrange to finance: If you are unable to pay for the jet in full, you may need to arrange to finance. There are many lenders who specialize in aircraft financing.
  6. Close the deal: Once you have found the right aircraft and secured financing, you can finalize the deal and take ownership of your private jet.

Please note that owning a private jet involves significant costs beyond the purchase price, such as maintenance, fuel, and crew expenses, and it is important to take these costs into account when making your decision.

How much it takes to run a private jet

The cost of running a private jet can vary greatly depending on several factors such as the type of aircraft, its age, usage frequency, and operating location. Some of the expenses associated with running a private jet include:

  1. Fuel: Fuel costs can vary greatly depending on the type of aircraft, its size, and its usage. On average, fuel costs can range from $2,000 to $5,000 per hour of flight.
  2. Maintenance: Regular maintenance, inspections, and repairs are necessary to keep a private jet in good condition. These costs can range from a few thousand dollars per year for older aircraft to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for newer aircraft.
  3. Crew: Depending on the type of aircraft and operating regulations, you may need to hire a pilot, co-pilot, and/or flight attendant. These salaries can range from $100,000 to over $200,000 per year.
  4. Hangar and parking fees: You will need to store your private jet when not in use. The cost of hangar rental and parking fees can vary greatly depending on location and the size of the aircraft.
  5. Insurance: You will need to purchase insurance to cover your aircraft in the event of damage or loss. The cost of insurance will depend on the value of the aircraft and the type of coverage you require.
  6. Depreciation: The value of your aircraft will depreciate over time, and this depreciation will need to be accounted for in your operating budget.

It is important to keep in mind that these expenses are just a few of the many costs associated with running a private jet, and it is recommended that you consult with an aviation consultant or financial advisor to get a more accurate estimate of the costs involved.

it’s highly expensive to run a personal private jet, talking about Burna Boy, at the time of writing this content there is no record of Burna Boy buying or owning a private jet in any way, but Burna Boy can afford to hire any private jet of his choice.

To book Burna Boy for any country for a show, the organiser must first have to pay a performance fee of $500,000 (300 million naira). the organiser would have to also book a 13-seater challenger jet.

“Private jet to be vetted by management team prior to booking,” the star’s hospitality rider states.

Upon arrival at the airport, the ‘Last Last’ hitmaker is to be picked up by a convoy of five different luxury vehicles, a Sprinter bus this Mercedes Benz Sprinter is his main car, a van and three other SUVs from G wagon to Cadillac Escalade, these vehicles must be available to the artiste for the duration of the trip.

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