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How To Easily Jump Start a Car Without Using Jumper Cables

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We’ve all been guilty of being stranded when our cars refused to start because we are without a jumper cable in our cars at that moment. The next move becomes pushing our cars down the road with the hope that they will start. 

A dead battery and no jumper cables seem like it’s the end of the road for saving the car that day, but that isn’t always the case. These helpful tips could help you out of a situation with a dead battery even when you don’t have jumper cables. But, it’s still important to always have your jumper cable in your car at all times to avoid pushing your car down an alley for it to start.

Here’s how to easily start your car when you don’t have your jumper cable and your battery is dead on the road.

Jump-starting a Manual Car

If you’ve driven an automatic your entire life, the first part of the introduction probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to you. Why? It only applies to manual cars. Manual cars are vehicles you can actually push and they will start, even with a dead battery. 

If you’ve driven a manual car before, you may or may not have encountered this issue. If you live in Nigeria, you must have seen people do this millions of times now. 

This trick doesn’t quite work if you’re driving an automatic car, which happens to be a majority of what is on the road today. But just because you have an automatic doesn’t mean all hope is lost. There are still a few tricks that can help you out in a pinch.

Jump-Starting an Automatic Car Without Jumper Cable

Jumper cables themselves have one large fault, you have to have another car with a charged battery to make them work. This can mean asking a complete stranger or waiting for a friend to get to where you are. 

The easiest way to avoid both of these situations is to get a battery pack, which is an essential emergency tool you should keep in your car. They can be used to charge your phone battery, or sometimes even larger electronics, and some even come with mini air compressors to help inflate a low tire.

The battery starters have connection cables that can hook up to the battery for a quick and convenient start, and they aren’t necessarily expensive, either. You can find them at car spare part shops around you.  Battery packs can be a lot more convenient than jumper cables overall and are a good investment that can help you in a number of car-related emergencies.


If you have neither of these tools and you’re a little bit more daring, you can use metal rods to connect the posts between the two batteries. While that may technically work, it’s not a safe or recommended process to try. 

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