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Man Rebuilds His Keke Into A Helicopter As He Drives Around Town

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Another vehicle creation that has stunned many on the internet is the production of a man who revamped his Keke Napep into a helicopter. The man took his Keke Napep, probably out of shape, and gave it an entirely new look.

The video was shared on TikTok, and TikTok users who have seen the video are stunned as they also express admiration for the man’s technical prowess.

The man with username @nanaadwoakorang posted the video on his TikTok page to show viewers how he reconstructed a scraggy tricycle to look like a helicopter.

However, the video shared by the man did not show how he got his Keke customized to look like a helicopter. But, it shows the Keke-turned helicopter was picking up passengers.

The videos also show the man riding into public with the Keke, as people were stunned at how it looked. Even the passengers in the Keke could not contain their excitement after being driven in an airplane-Keke.

His creativity has been praised by some TikTok users, who find his technical improvements on the machine to be impressive.


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Here are some TikTok reactions to the post:

“Akim Adwafo private jet.”


“Wonders shall never end. Hahaha, so beautiful and adventrous.”

“Nice one.”

“Eiii Ghana’s car or plane?”