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“Only Odogwu can do it” Burna Boy Splashes billions of Naira as he Buys Lamborgini & Maybach Benz, Bugatti on the Way

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In an Instagram post, the musician, who goes by the name of Burna Boy, revealed that he had splashed out millions on new cars. Some of these include a Lamborghini, a Maybach Benz, and while also awaiting the finishing touches on his custom Bugatti.


This comes just weeks after fellow musician, and fellow Nigerian, Wizkid, also reportedly bought new cars.

Burna Boy shares pictures of his new luxury rides
Burna Boy shares pictures of his new luxury rides

Burna Boy, who has taken possession of a new Lamborgini, Maybach Benz, also shared a post of him asking a dealer if his custom Bugatti was ready.

The Grammy Award winner announced the acquisition of the new luxury cars today, Friday, via his Instagram stories. Sharing pictures and videos of the expensive cars, the singer disclosed that his new Lamborghini cost a million dollars. He, however, did not state the amount the Maybach purchased.

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