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Stop Buying Toyota And Honda, Luxury Cars Are The Best 

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Want to make a big impact with your car in Nigeria? Luxury cars grab everyone’s attention when they stop. See why we need luxury cars in Nigeria. At some point in life, the need to own a car transcends mobility. Get out of your “survival need” for your car and want more. They strive for comfort and prestige. It’s not that most are proud of it; it’s just that mundane cars are not enough. 

When you drive, you want to experience something, including the fanciest cars that have been specially designed with attention to detail. Their engines are running at full speed, but they have more than high engine power. Your appearance doesn’t have to tell people who you are. 

These cars make their presence known. Everyone turns in your direction and sees who it is. Luxury cars are a staple of success for Nigerians. If you belong to this group, this article is for you. We have carefully compiled why you need a luxury car in Nigeria. 

Show honourable status

Classification is one of the hallmarks of Nigerian society. Even if we are politically correct, we cannot deny the fact that class separation is a reality in Nigeria. There are rich people; there are poor people. As we go about our daily lives, we are influenced by aspects of the category we belong to.

The type of car you drive in Nigeria says a lot about you before you even introduce yourself. People have a lot of respect for those who drive exotic cars. If you are in a luxury car, you will be treated as a VIP without saying anything.

Enjoy maximum security

Security is an important factor when buying a car. Occupants are vulnerable, so even the most exotic car without proper safety features is incomplete. As a driver, you are limited in what you can do to stay safe on the road. Automobiles now incorporate advanced technology that makes driving safer.

Luxury cars are committed to car safety technology. They offer you the best in comfort, but they go the extra mile so that you are greatly protected in the event of an accident. Luxury car manufacturers are competing in safety technology. Given the high prices of luxury cars, this is understandable.

Enjoy the best driving experience

Do you feel stressed while driving? Let’s take a luxury car! The high level of comfort also makes driving a full-time job. Everything is smooth in a luxury car. The road suddenly feels soft, like a bouncy castle.

Driving a luxury car makes you feel like you’re in another world and makes you forget you’re in Nigeria. You can enjoy leisurely entertainment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Benefit from High Resale Value

Cars typically lose their value as soon as you buy them. If you decide to resell them, be at a loss. But luxury cars are not always like that.

Many luxury cars have reversed ageing. In other words, they get better over time. This is because some luxury car models are not in continuous production. After some time, automakers stop production and switch to other models. As such, models that are already in production are becoming scarce. If you have one and want to sell it, you’ll find someone willing to pay you, knowing it’s not readily available on the market.  

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Enjoy a Longer Warranty 

A car with a warranty is a great value. Having problems with your newly purchased car is not a pleasant experience. You feel like you wasted your money. Luxury cars are not cheap. Therefore, manufacturers offer longer warranties to take responsibility for any issues that may arise within a certain period of time. They ensure that you get your money’s worth.

On average, a luxury car has a four-year warranty. If problems arise within this period, the car manufacturer must be held accountable. You can sleep soundly at night knowing those car manufacturers are at your disposal to solve your car-related problems.


Here are reasons why you should buy a luxury car in Nigeria. Status showcase, supreme comfort, high safety, driving pleasure, excellent resale value, excellent after-sales service. Don’t hesitate any longer and visit to find the perfect luxury car for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it more expensive to maintain luxury vehicles?

Because luxury cars have many high-end features, they may cost more to maintain than basic vehicles. This can include replacing tires and other parts. If you drive a luxury car for an extended period of time, it may cost more to replace your car than if you purchased a new vehicle after a couple of years.

What makes a luxury car different from other vehicles?

The first obvious difference between a luxury car and other vehicles is in their price. While you may be able to get into a base-model mid-size sedan for under $20,000(N12,000,000) or an SUV for under $40,000 (N24,000,000), buying a high-end vehicle can cost well over $100,000(N60,000,000) (or even more!).

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