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“The Fuel Subsidy Removal is a Tough Good Move”: Nigerian Car Dealer Shares Opinion About Fuel Subsidy Removal

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In a recent post shared on social media, a Nigerian car dealer shared his candid opinion concerning the current removal of fuel subsidies in Nigeria.

The post was shared by the Instagram account @supercarsofNigeria who wrote: “The subsidy removal is a tough good move, I am certain Peter Obi and Atiku would have done the same thing if elected, they’re smart people.”

The car dealer shared his thoughts on his page concerning the fuel subsidy situation that will affect many Nigerians, from car owners to those who use public transport and those who own generators.

The comment concerning fuel subsidy removal was posted alongside a video that shows the moment the car convoy of the new President of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu, on the day he was sworn into office.

The post drew a lot of reactions from many who have this to say about it:

@lexington_oke commented: “Good move bad timing. Should be done with an alternative on ground. Dangote said his refinery will not start operating until August. Just like Buhari closing border without creating enabling environment for alternatives we always have insensitive leaders. I also trust the people to be used to suffering that they will support a bad decision so long it comes from their own. Is this not the same person who protested when Jonathan tried to remove subsidy? Hypocrisy much aye.”

@joshuacarteri commented: “They would have done it and cushioned the effect along with it. Not leaving people high and dry. Look at the chaos on the country as a result of that single announcement. You don’t do things like that.”

@mr_atlanticltd commented: “Seems President Tinubu is using the same Benz Ex President Buhari used…nice one pa.”

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