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This First Class Seat on Emirates Makes You Feel Like Your On a Private Jet

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It’s general knowledge that flying first-class costs about twice what it’ll cost to travel business class. Their difference is not just in the price but in so many other important areas. The lounge area of the first-class suite cannot be compared to that of business class, even though business class exudes luxury to some extent.

Emirates A380 Jet
Emirates A380 Jet

While first-class suites are top-notch, nothing compares to the first-class suite of traveling on Emirates. In a word, the first-class lounge and suite of the Emirates are astonishing. Many have compared being in one of the suites to being in a mini private jet with luxuries surrounding you at all times.

Emirates A380 First Class Suite
Emirates A380 First Class Suite

Passengers travelling first-class with Emirates get exclusive suites with dressing mirrors, a 32-inch television, a cushion with an arm, and a headrest with a recliner that allows passengers to get some rest. The first-class suite also has a cocktail bar where passengers can have some cocktail time. 

However, it still does not come with all the features even the smallest private jet will have, like an exclusive restroom, kitchen area, bed, and other amenities you can quickly locate inside a private jet. 

Emirates A380 First Class Suite
Emirates A380 First Class Suite

The first-class suite in Emirate is worth the value of the money for customers, but it’s a long way far from being even a mini jet. 

Emirates travels using either its A380 or the Boeing 777. The Emirates A380 first class features privacy, fine dining, cocktail bars, and shower spas. 

The Cabin

Inside the first-class Emirates lounge, you can close the doors, turn down the ambient lighting, and enjoy the private television. You can also convert your recliner seats into a fully flat bed to enjoy a restful night.

The Dining

You order what you want, when you want it, and get it served to you while you relax easily in the privacy of your suite. Emirates offers from tasty midnight snacks to full-course meals, and you also get to experience on-air fine dining. You can create your menu from their vast range of dishes inspired by the destination country. There’s also complimentary champagne, fine wine, spirits, beer, and soft drinks to enjoy while on a flight.

Other services offered by the Emirates first class include;

  • Wi-Fi services
  • Cigar bar
  • Direct boarding
  • Quiet area
  • Le Clos Wine Cellar,
  • Shower Spas

Difference Between First Class & Business Class

The major difference between first and business classes is the space and seats. First class has more privacy, lie-flat beds, and a larger entertainment screen than the business class. Business class has cubicle-like spaces, and the beds are shorter than those in the first-class suites.

Cost Of Traveling First-Class With Emirates

Emirates uses its A380 or the Boeing 777 for travel, and if you get first-class tickets, you’ll experience ultimate comfort travelling with them. Here’s how much it costs to fly first class using Emirates.

Travel ItineraryEmirates First Class Ticket Prices
Dubai to New York$10,500
Dubai to London$8,000
New York to Mumbai$12,000
Dubai to Saudi Arabia/Kuwait$1,000 to $2,300

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