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Is The Suzuki S-Presso Going To Replace Keke Napep, Korope On Lagos Roads?

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You cannot say you are living in Lagos and you have not seen or entered a Suzuki S-Presso lately. This is because they have become more popular over the past months. Yes, although it is not the regular means of transportation for those who love “jumping” on the Keke Napep or Korope, you would have to see the Suzuki S-Presso as the ultimate upgrade in this sense. 

Let us make this distinction: Keke Napep is one of the most notable means of transportation for the public. Not only is it the cheapest form of transportation, but those who have entered it can attest to the fact that the “wind in your face” feeling is incomparable. One thing we love about the Keke is that it can take sharp corners and avoid traffic. Like the Okada, the Keke Napep is a tricycle that can help you avoid traffic by taking small corners and leaving spaces. As mentioned, when it comes to price, the Napep is commendable. You can take trips for as low as N50 to your destination, which Korope and Danfo cannot boast of. 

But how does it compare to the Suzuki S-Presso? The Napep had to come last in this feat. The Keke Napep has to be one of the smallest means of transportation in Lagos, and with this, it can lead to feeling cramped and uncomfortable if you sit next to bigger people, and you would want to get to your destination faster or wait for the person to alight so you can have breathing space, not to even talk about the small space in front with the driver. It is sometimes perplexing to see how the Keke Napep was made to be a four-seater when ideally it was meant to be three. 

In countries like India, the napep is only used for one passenger and the driver, which we have to admit is quite wise. But, in Lagos, the opposite is the case; just to get more cost advantage, it is made a four-seater with the driver. One problem we have to contend with is the front seat, which a passenger is meant to share with the driver. We all can admit that this position is not only dangerous but reckless because it is highly probable for you to be brushed by a car, which might lead to an accident. 

What about the Korope? Well, when it comes to size, the Korope is much better than the Keke Napep. The Korope resembles a small bus that can seat eight people. Most might find it better than entering Danfo because there seems to be a sense of comfort when you ride in a Korope, be it because there is no noisy and rude conductor screaming at you. But, one disadvantage Korope has is that when you want to enter, you would have to bend your head, and God forbid you to want to sit at the back to alight at your destination; getting down would be like a battle. One thing is that it is not cheap in any way. The lowest amount you would see is N100 and can increase to N500 depending on the distance. which would make you prefer to enter Danfo instead. 

The Suzuki S-Presso is here to stay and might just end the reign of Keke Napep and Korope when it comes to compact means of transportation, and here is the reason why.

  • The Dreaded Ban 

The Lagos government is unpredictable when it comes to transportation laws. Why? Because they are always banning one mode of transportation or another. First, there was the Okada and Keke Napep Ban in 2020, which probably affected every public transport user. But there was a laxity after, and Okadas and Keke Napeps began to come back into operations. But last year, the government began a crackdown on Okada drivers, and many of them were impounded. Now, you can rarely see an Okada in many local government areas in Lagos. But we can assume that the Keke Napep is safe for now. With the introduction of the “Sanwo-Olu”, a blue and white bus, we can’t really foresee the future for the Korope, and there is a possibility of a ban in the near future. The Suzuki S-Presso will surely be exempt from this instance, and if there is a ban on the Korope, it would be the recommended form of public transportation. 

  • It Is Endorsed By Uber

The reason for the popularity of the Suzuki S-Presso has to be because of Uber. There was the introduction of “Uber Go,” which was what promoted Uber drivers to get the Suzuki car. The Uber Go feature is one that is less than the estimated price of the normal Uber, but the sitting is different. With experience, the Suzuki S-Presso is the car for this feature. The S-Presso cab seats two adults and a child in the backseat and the driver and another passenger in the front. One thing that makes this Uber Go feature distinct is that it is usually only for three passengers, unlike the regular four passengers in the car, making it cheaper than usual. The Suzuki S-Presso is the standout car for this feature, and that is why most people order it rather than regular Uber cars. If not careful, the S-Presso can take over the ride-hailing market, defeating the Toyotas and Hondas, not to mention the nominal public transport. 

  • It exudes comfort

Entering a Korope or Keke is entirely different from entering a Suzuki S-Presso. There has to be a difference, and you can’t even compare this instance. The winning league will be the Suzuki S-Presso. One might argue that the Napep and Korope are cheaper and more useful to the masses because the Suzuki S-Presso is quite expensive, even if you want to go a short distance. But the distinction stops there. The Suzuki S-Presso is one classy car; anyone with experience riding in one will tell you about the interior, which looks exquisitely furnished and eye-catching, and we can say it has air conditioning (where do you want to find this inside Keke Napep?).

You will ride in comfort and won’t have to stress about any cramped or difficult getting down, and there will be no arguments with any conductor about change. It is a win-win car.

Should You Consider Buying A Suzuki S-PRESSO In Nigeria

The Suzuki S-Presso came on the scene and shocked everyone with its low price of N9,900,000. For many, that amount is attainable either through financing or a cash purchase. For others, that amount of money is something to consider and something that you can’t just spend at the drop of a hat.

For many of us, that price doesn’t fall onto our laps; at times, we would even need to finance that amount over a period of a few years. However, you have to ask yourself if financing or buying a car like the Suzuki S-Presso will be worth it. So is it?

For many of us, that price doesn’t fall onto our laps; at times, we would even need to finance that amount over a period of a few years. However, you have to ask yourself if financing or buying a car like the Suzuki S-Presso will be worth it. So is it? Check Should You Consider Buying A Suzuki S-PRESSO In Nigeria


With this blog, you’ll have to admit that the Suzuki S-Presso is here to stay and rule the Lagos roads. Keke Napep and Korope will be a thing of the past. With the ban coming, you would want to get this Suzuki car before the rave starts and the price of the car gets higher. 

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