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“Makes A Lot Of Sense”: Again Ola Of Lagos Promotes Keke Napep That Uses AC

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In a recent video posted on his Instagram page, the popular Nigerian auto influencer Ola of Lagos promotes a Keke Napep that uses AC, as many are surprised to see the vehicle.

According to Ola of Lagos, the Keke Napep is produced by EMVC Electric Vehicles. The Keke Napep uses air conditioning, an alternative fan, a rearview mirror, a driver’s mirror, and a sunroof. 

The Keke Napep is a four-seater vehicle that also comes with a cargo space for luggage. The vehicle can be used as a shuttle and for other means of transportation. 

The Keke is fully electric and comes with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. It has four doors and a reverse camera, and its windows can be wound down. It comes with a double battery system, which means you can swap the battery when one of them dies. 

See the Keke Napep here

Here are some social media reactions to the Keke with AC

@Jibola_blackblog commented: “This is a very commendable innovation…in a civilized clime, a company like this will be motivated. Well done guys.”

@meekomoses1 said: ‘Us wey never get money to buy car sheey we no go buy this one use am the cruise life small small.”

@jtaiwoproperties_realtor commented: “Most of the Estate in lekki need this. Rather than allowing domestic staff treck long journey like Nicon Town, Mega mound etc.”

@grandvillemedlaser said: ‘Makes a lot of sense and common sense.”

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