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What Could Be The Cause?: Why The 2022 & 2023 Honda Civic Car Steering Gets Sticky

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Most car owners experience sticky car steering; reports show this is even common in the 2022 and the 2023 Honda Civics. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) started an investigation after receiving over 145 complaints about the Honda Civic’s sticky steering. 

An image showing the car steering of a 2022 Honda Civic.

However, Honda has not attempted to recall any of these cars. But what could be the cause of sticky car steering issues?

What Is Sticky Steering?

The term “sticky steering” has been made popular mainly because of the situation with the Honda Civic. This car blog says sticky steering is a result of “a brief loss of power assistance, making the steering wheel heavy and harder to move.”

Sticky steerings become a serious issue, especially when a car needs to be controlled in the case of a collision. Car experts note that the cause of sticky steering could be a result of a poorly working power steering system.

The 2022 and 2023 Honda Civics use an electronic power steering system, and it’s reportedly stuck at lower speeds. As such, drivers sometimes make more effort to turn the wheel, which could lead to an overcorrection.

Other Common Steering Issues Found In Vehicles

The sticky steering issue is not the only problem found in vehicles. There are other steering issues most vehicles develop. They include:

  • Light and Loose Steering

In this case, the steering wheel feels light and loose and could lead to less control over the car. A worn-out steering rack usually causes this.

  • Vibrating or Shaking Steering

Vibrating or shaking steering is usually caused by worn-out steering components like tie rods or axles.

  • Tracking or Drifting Issues

Worn-out steering components cause a car to veer left or right when the steering wheel is pointed in a different direction. In this case, an alignment will fix the issue. However, it depends on the level of damage. 


Steering issues are terribly dangerous because it means a driver won’t be able to control the vehicle once their steering develops issues. If your car starts experiencing steering issues, it’s best to immediately find a solution to avoid it, leading to bigger challenges or possible road accidents.

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