With One Liter of Fuel Selling At ₦557, How Many Much Will Fill A V12 Car Today?

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Following the removal of the fuel subsidy in Nigeria, the Federal Government of Nigeria has brought out a new price list for fuel in the country.

Unfortunately, all 36 states in the nation don’t have an equal price list for fuel. With the highest fuel price in some states being ₦557, the lowest price is ₦488, and that’s for only those in Lagos. 

What does this mean for car owners in Nigeria? It’ll require a lot more to fill the tanks of their cars today, especially for those using a V8 or V12 car engine.

With the new fuel price, it’d cost over 70k to fill the tank of a vehicle with a V12 engine in Nigeria, depending on the vehicle’s gas tank capacity.

Speaking about the increase in fuel price, a car dealer in Nigeria noted that it will now cost him about 50k to fill the gas of his Honda for the week.

This increase in fuel price it’s certainly going to affect car owners who drive V8 and V12 vehicles in the country.

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