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Fuel Subsidy Removal: Bolt Drivers Panick Over 100% Increase in Fuel Price, Price of Bolt Skyrockets

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Bolt drivers are beginning to feel the impact of the removal of fuel subsidies and the increase in the price of fuel by over 100%. As such, Bolt drivers have had to increase the price of fares to meet current expenses, and many customers are complaining bitterly about that.

While some customers have managed to pay for their Bolt fares, others have had to immediately cancel their trip due to the high increase in price. The resort, for many, has been trying to use other ride-hailing apps instead of Bolt.

According to reports, charges are said to be a bit lower in other ride-hailing services like Uber, Rida, InDriver, and LagRide. However, getting available rides on these platforms has become even harder for many. Reports note that this could be connected to the fact that most drivers are moving to Bolt due to better returns,

Nairametrics reports that most Bolt drivers are also tasking passengers for extra fees at the point of the pickup because of the increase in fuel prices. Riders who are willing to cooperate are immediately asked to cancel their trips.

A Lagosian who usually takes Bolt from Ogba to Lagos Island at the cost of either N8,000 or N9,000 tried booking on Wednesday, 31st May, and the price was between N17,000 to N18,000. The lady had no other choice than to go to the Island using Danfo, which cost her N1,000.

Another person noted that a trip from Opebi to Victoria Island was seen as N17,300 on Bolt on Wednesday. They had to try Rida eventually, and although they didn’t get a ride on time when they finally got it, it was N7,500.

However, Bolt and Uber and yet to make their official prices known after the fuel increase. According to some Bolt riders Nairametrics contacted, the increase in the price of ride-hailing services will be inevitable, considering the cost of fuel is now between N488 and N515 per litre.

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