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President Bola Tinubu Defends Fuel Subsidy Removal Amidst Growing Hardship for Citizens

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Nigerian President Bola Tinubu is defending his government’s stance on fuel subsidy removal in the country. 

On Wednesday, President Bola Tinubu defended the fuel subsidy removal even though some of the greatest effects of the subsidy removal is increased economic hardship for citizens as the price of transportation and other commodities increase.

In a meeting with governors in Abuja on Wednesday, the President stated that the money saved by ending the decades-long subsidy last week would enable the government’s effort to fight poverty. 

The President appealed that citizens exercise patience even though hardship is already getting fierce for many. 

The presidency noted a statement by the president saying: “We can see the effects of poverty on the faces of our people. Poverty is not hereditary; it is from society. Our position is to eliminate poverty.”

Governors have also supported the subsidy removal and have promised to work together in implementing it, a statement from the presidency stated.

Amidst all, analysts have faulted the government’s decision to withdraw fuel subsidies without incentives in place, especially at a time when many Nigerians already struggle to cope with record-high unemployment and poverty. Unions have now threatened strike, as some have already embarked on the strike.

In states like Edo and Kwara, the government has adopted palliative measures by cutting the work week from five to three days to help reduce the cost of transportation. Other states in the country state that they are considering measures like increasing the minimum wage to N30,000.

For the average Nigerian, filling the tank of a four-plug engine vehicle has become tough. Recently, a Nigerian man noted that he spent N40,500 for half a tank of his four-plug Honda. That’s above minimum wage, which means the average Nigerian might not be able to fill their vehicle’s tank any longer due to a hike in the price of fuel.

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